Uncovered Insights On Prudent Bedshee Methods

Apr 14, 2017  

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Managers will need to take a different approach to supervising and encouraging social workers as the job continues to change under the Welsh Social Services and Wellbeing Act , which started to take effect 12 months ago, the leaders said. Their comments came at the Cardiff launch of the latest Social Lives research by the Guardian on social workers morale and attitudes. The UK-wide research once again suggests that professionals in Wales are the most content on key benchmarks , but points to emerging concerns. Although only 11% of Welsh social workers say they plan to quit the profession in the next five years, compared with 17% across the UK as a whole, 50% of those who do so indicate that lack of support from their employer or manager is an issue. By contrast, just 29% of those planning to quit UK-wide cite a need for greater support. Similarly, 42% of those expecting to quit in Wales say reduced caseloads would prompt them to reconsider. Across the UK as a whole, the equivalent figure is just 30% (although 11% say nothing would make them think again). Related: Only one in six social workers want to be managers, survey finds Gerry Evans, deputy chief executive and registrar of Social Care Wales , the newly merged regulatory and improvement agency, said: Caseloads are increasing, but so is the size of the workforce. This suggests the nature of the work and processes involved have changed, so we need to focus on creating a proper support network. In all of our cultures were held to account, so letting go of traditional managerial styles can be difficult but where we are now is considerably different to where weve been in the last 30 years, Evans added. A lot of it involves trust trusting social workers to make decisions and take action themselves. Under the act, which mirrors in part the Care Act in England, social workers are required to work with people who may need support to find ways to help them do so in the community without necessarily receiving formal care services.

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